Smokie live in Plovdiv



On June 28, one of the most successful and beloved British rock bands – “Smokie” – will hold their only big open air show in our country at Summer Theatre in Plovdiv.

The team, which will soon celebrate its 60th anniversary, has released 26 albums, more than 30 singles, and sold over 30 million copies. of her records and earned several gold and platinum certificates. More than a dozen of Smokie’s songs have long since become real classics, with which even three generations of listeners grew up – these are “Don’t Play Your Rock’N’Roll To Me”, “I Can’t Stay Here Tonight”, “If You Think You Know How To Love Me”, “Needless and Pins”, “For a Few Dollars More”, “Mexican Girl”, “I’ll Meet You at Midnight”, “Oh Carol”, “What Can I Do” , not to mention the mega-hit for every dance floor, Living Next Door To Alice!

Currently, the five-piece Smokie consists of Steve Pinnell (drums), Mick McConnell (guitar), Pete Lincoln (vocals), Martin Bullard (keyboards) and Luke Bullard (bass guitar). Although there were many painful and even tragic events in the band’s biography, the musicians feel a great passion for their music like never before, and endless concert tours on all continents of the world only prove that “Smokie” music is immortal.










Smokie's line up are

  • Steve Pinnell
    • on Drums
  • Mick McConnell
    • on lead guitar and Backing vocal
  • Pete Lincoln
    • on lead vocals and rhythm guitar
  • Martin Bullard
    • on Keyboards
  • Luke Bullard
    • on Bass guitar and backing vocals

Smokie's Bio

Look at the Guinness Book Of Hit Singles and you could be forgiven for
thinking Smokie’s success story was a 1970s phenomenon. After all, 11 of
their 14 British hits came in that eventful musical decade. However, their
massive success story has continued to flourish around the globe including
Scandinavia, South Africa, Germany and even China. Smokie are a band
which has sold out tours and gained platinum records in four decades – 70s,
80s, 90s and the present day.

A quick recap then on past glories. Smokie first got together at school in
Yorkshire in the late 60s. After going through various names and styles, they
signed with Mickie Most’s then ultra-hot RAK label and found themselves
chartbound. Songs like ‘If You Think You Know How To Love Me’, ‘Don’t
Play Your Rock’n’Roll To Me’, ‘It’s Your Life’ and ‘Oh Carol’ (all Top 10
entries) became radio staples and gave Smokie their ticket to travel the world.
The sound was a combination of hook-laden songs and Smokie’s distinctive
but unashamedly Stateside-influenced soft-rock harmonies, their secret being
their vocal blend – a rasping, emotion-drenched lead set against melodic
harmonies that produces an unique, bittersweet result.
After accumulating worldwide sales of over 30 million, Smokie made ‘Wild
Horses’, a 1997 Nashville-recorded album that cost the band a quarter of a million pounds to produce. It gave them a foothold in US country radio, while
hits collections continue to find a ready market. That trend continued with
‘Uncovered’ and ‘Uncovered Too’, which were both huge hits throughout
Scandinavia – reaching the top 5 in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden –
achieving double platinum status.

Smokie continue to be one of the most successful bands in the world
today. Recent global events, as well as more devastating news with the
passing of Terry Uttley have seen the line-up of today having to change and
develop with the addition of Pete Lincoln, formerly of The Sweet on lead
vocals, and Rhythm Guitar and Luke Bullard, son of Martin Bullard stepping
into Terry’s shoes on Bass and backing vocals, the legacy of Smokie that was
founded by Terry will live on and Smokie look forward to seeing you all on
their continuing journey.

Official website https://smokie.co.uk/

For all lovers of real rock and roll! The incredible happens! The organizers of the concert and the group "SMOKIE" announce the start of sales of VIP category tickets for the almost sold out concert in Sofia, April 7 in the NDK hall 1. Each of the premium tickets is collectible, with wishes and personal autographs of all members of the group. During the concert, a row and place will be drawn for the lucky winner of a friendly prize of a photograph with the artist on stage. The photo will be taken after the show, our steward will accompany you. Listen to good music in original sound! We are waiting for you at our show!

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